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  • Bakersfield Boot Boogie Babes Auditions

    Auditions begin Friday, November 3rd through Saturday, November 4th in person at Penche Dance Academy in Bakersfield.

    We provide a safe space for women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds to grow together through dance and friendships, and we believe most strongly that empowered women, empower women!

    It’s two days of fun and friendship!

    $40/ Dancer (Tax Included)

  • Bakersfield Boot Camp

    Learn the basics in line dancing with Boot Boogie Babes Certified Lead Dance Instructor Carrie Willer. Line dancing happens in Bakersfield, CA at Penche’ Dance Academy for 8 weeks. It’s a great work out and a perfect way to meet and make new friends!

  • Bakersfield Audition Boot Camp

    Learn Boot Boogie Babes team performance dances, and let us help you get ready for 2024 Auditions!

  • DLD LDI Certification Beginner

    Boot Boogie Babes Lead Dance Instructor Certification


    Become a Boot Boogie Babes Lead Dance Instructor and/or Dance Assistant for the DeAnna Lee Dance organization!


    You will be trained in the Boot Boogie Babes style of line dancing and given all the tools to create a line dance Boot Camp class in your hometown. We will walk you step by step through the philosophy and practices that has made the DLD organization successful in both Seattle and Charleston.


    Let’s get you started today! Register now and join us for a whole new journey where we will empower you, then you will have all the tools to empower other women!